Is there any consideration for size of land set by SBP for granting agricultural loans?

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My question is there any consideration for size of land set by State bank of Pakistan for granting agricultural loans? Anyone can inform me about my question? Our farming community is generally unaware of different agricultural loan schemes.

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  1. Guest1546
    Under Agricultural Loans Scheme for commercial banks through the passbook system, agricultural loans granted by banks are diversified to achieve the following ratios: -
    In addition to above, State bank of Pakistan has also established Local Credit Advisory Committees, including the representatives of farming community at its 15 local offices headed by its Chief Mangers through out
    the country which meet periodically to review agri financing problems at the grass root level, policy issues and recommend necessary actions thereon. These include SBP: BSC (Bank) i) Karachi, ii) Lahore, iii)
    Islamabad, iv) Quetta, v) Peshawar, vi) Multan, vii) Faisalabad, viii) Bahawalpur, ix) Sialkot, x) D,I, Khan, xi) Muzaffarabad, xii) Gujranwala, xiii) Hyderabad, xiv) Sukkar and xv) Rawalpindi. i. Land owners having
    land not exceeding subsistence holding 70%, ii. Land owners having land, exceeding subsistence holding, but not exceeding economic holding 20%, iii. Land owners having land exceeding economic holding 10%.

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