Is there any method to get Soft Towels?

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I am a house wife, I want to have some information on is there any method to get Soft Towels? Any help please?

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     Hard, scratchy towels seem uneven contrary to your skin and can even injure perceptive skin or make poorer skin situation for example eczema. Residue buildup is occasionally the origin of hard towels. Detergent and fabric softeners depart residue in your towels and buildup after each clean to make the towels hard. Remove those residues to refurbish your towels to their supple state. Use this procedure frequently to hold buildup to a minimum.

    • Place your towels in the washer.

    • Add cleaning soda, ovenbaking soda or borax to the washer's detergent receptacle or empty it exactly on peak of the towels. The product's mark should suggest how much to use for cleaning laundry; pursue the main headings provided.

    • Pour vinegar into the washer's rinse agency receptacle. Vinegar actions as a softener and eliminate detergent residue.

    • Select the hottest water likely in your cleaning machine. Also choose the largest water grade setting on the washer. Wash only the towels; manage not add any additional items to the wash.

    • Add an additional rinse to the cycle. Some appliances have this choice accessible on the settings. If not, choose an added rinse cycle when the appliance is completed with the first clean and rinse cycle.

    • Wash your towels one time a month utilising the identical method to eliminate built-up residue.

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