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What I understand from something free is that it is absolutely free of cost. I have been hearing a lot about different packages and low call and text rates introduced by the cell phone service companies but they can certainly never ever anything free of cost. Not too long ago I came across something called Free Cell Phone service that sounded good but ofcourse quite surprising. I have an experience of some cell phone service companies offering low rate packages but ending up deducting a reasonable amount out of my credit as so called service charges. Hence I would be grateful if someone could tell me if there really is anything like free cell phone service.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    If you do not make enough money so as to make bill payments of the utilities, you can enjoy free cell phone with government assistance. The amount of your bill will be deducted from the bills of a number of other users. This is called Lifeline program in the U.S and according to this some cell phone services are free for those who are not able to afford this facility.

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