Is there windows 7 family pack upgrade available?

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I want to know about the Windows 7 family pack feature, is there any upgrade available for this type of Windows 7. What are the best options in Windows 7.

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  1. Guest7401

    Windows 7 Family Pack allows the user to upgrade up to three different PCs that are running Windows XP or Windows Vista® to Windows 7 Home Premium. This package contains only one disc with a license key that you can be used to three machines in your household. The disc also includes both the version of Windows 7 Home Premium which are of 32 and 64 bit —you can either choose one PC or the other for all three PCs.

    This family pack also allows a great entertainment experience, later on Enjoy your media from about anywhere. You can also record your favorite programmes and can take them take them where you want to take them, also along with your music, videos, and photos. You can share media around your home. Or also, stream everything from the home PC to your laptop. With the Windows 7 Home Premium, you can enjoy the entertainment in a best possible way and manner.

    The Windows 7 can also make things that you can do very easily normally, you can do it with only few clicks of the buttom, it offers fast searching, easy browsing experience and some simple easy ways to connect. There is much less between you and what you want to do. When Windows 7 in installed in more than one PCs, it’s a picture of HomeGroup that is required to share the files. After this all of your family can share the files and also use a printer from any location in the house by just a few clicks.

    For the detailed features of Windows XP you can visit the following website.


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