I’ve purchased Alexa Site Audit but I cannot see it anywhere in my account, please help!

by Guest4155  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I recently purchased the site audit from Alexa, but I cannot see anything under my account even after hours. Please help me!

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  1. Guest8238
    If you have purchased a Site Audit and can’t find it, first do these two things: 1. Allow for up to 12 hours for Alexa to crawl and analyze your site. Depending on the size of your site, it can take that long for Alexa to generate your report. 2.  Make sure that you are logged into the correct Alexa account. Site Audits are only displayed in the account which ordered them. For example, if you have two accounts, Account A and Account B, and you order a Site Audit using Account B, you cannot view it from Account A. You must be logged into Account B to view the Site Audit. If you can’t find your Site Audit after 12 hours and logging into the correct account, please contact their support at

  2. Guest8255

    If your website is big one with loads of content and huge database, I think it is normal for Alexa audit to take that much time. The bigger your site is the more time it will take. I bought Alexa audit for one of my site and it took about 20 hours to complete my audit report. That time I was kind of screwed too, but now I understand the technical aspect. Stay calm and if it does not work for more than a day, you can always contact their support!

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