JP Morgan Chase Tests $5 ATM Fee.

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JP Morgan Chase Tests $5 ATM Fee. Can someone update me on it?

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  1. Guest9977
    In Illinois, JPMorgan Chase is testing $5 fees for non-customers, in Texas, it's $4. If the trial runs make enough money, the fees could be rolled out nationwide, the Wall Street Journal reports.
    HSBC has already hiked rates, charging all non-customers $3 for using the banks' machines. TD Bank, and PNC Bank are now charging their own own customers $2 for using out-of-network ATMs, unless they sign up for accounts with monthly fees as high as $25, the paper reports.
    Banks justify charging you with claims that ATM networks are expensive to build and maintain. But, the WSJ reports, most of the 425,000 ATMs in the U.S. are not owned by banks, they're owned by the companies who place terminals in delis, bars and casinos.

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