Jake Gyllenhaal flirts with danger on ‘Man vs. Wild’.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Tests His Nerve On 'Men Vs. Wild' Special as people got the entertainment. He really is one daring heart man because the things which he is attempting in the show are not even though able for a normal person.

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  1. Guest7627

     Nobody will like to watch Jake Gyllenhaal risk falling to his death while sliding across a thin rope. Although it is gathering audience for the show but this is no way that one should risk his life just to entertain people. No law permits such things to anyone. That is why WWE says don’t try this at home or school. Mean it is never easy for a man who is not trained for certain act and still he is there to do anything impossible. In the recent episode he was suspended exceedingly high in the air over a canyon. It is never easy to watch even and he is doing it just for the sake of fun.

    This is no way to check out your nerves and let others to follow you and risk valuable life. This might be fun watching for many people but the ones who care from the core of the heart about humanity will never appreciate such act by any one. And when such things are there in front of people through the famous personalities then they surely will try this and there might be loose of many lives.

    Though the things which they show in on Discovery are being conducted with special care so that the performer’s life should never be caught in danger and that is why they willingly put themselves there in front to be the part of the show but things like this at normal scenario are not easy for any one.

    Jake Gyllenhaal should really be appreciated of his bravery and should be advised to think about others who will surely follow you.  

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