Jesse Ryder sold to Bangalore Royal Challengers for $160,000

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Jesse Ryder sold to Bangalore Royal Challengers for $160,000 - The auctioneer was ready to shelve Jesse Ryder into the unsold bracket at IPL 2009 auction but Bangalore started the late bidding at his base price of $100,000. Chennai competed and raised the bid to $150,000 but Bangalore eventually bought him for $160,000.

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  1. Guest7574
    want to play for RCBangalore please give me an oppurtunity to play.. i am a right hand batsman and a offspinner and a very good fielder....i can win the more matches..thus my fielding is very nice. catches makes matches..  
      as i have confident that i can win the match by plying agressive cricket and my dream is to win the IPL 2009 by RCB team i am ready to do my efforts,training camp is starting very early so take me as soon as possible..reply mee..
                        '' runil''

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