Job vacancies in National Bank of Pakistan?

by Guest6355  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I am a fresh business graduate and I am looking for jobs in National Bank of Pakistan. Can anyone please help.

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  1. Guest6386

    NBP offers unlimited opportunities to its employees for on going personal and professional growth:

    1) Change Management Program:

    NBP has started an ambitious Change Management Program to further train its employees to meet the challenges of present day requirements.

    2) Training of new staff:

    Training and development are the core issues of HR, which will ultimately improve our customer service and help us attain the standard of a progressive bank.

    3) Benefits:

    Besides a competitive financial package, we offer excellent working conditions, job satisfaction, superior leadership, and a conducive environment for growth.

    If the job seeker believe that he/she has all the above mentioned qualities and are ambitious for a better future, you can send your resume, along with a brief covering letter at the following address:


  2. Guest8297

     i am a fresh business garduate and i am looking for the job and i have done 3months internship in nbp

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