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One of my very good friends needs to know some good and comprehensive details about jobs in the fashion industry. Actually he is aiming to pursue fashion as a career. Is there anyone who can help me out please?

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  1. Jennifer

    fashion industry

     "The fashion field offers job opportunities to 156,000 persons in the UK, with 20,000 utilizing design abilities as part of their work. There are 35,000 businesses. Businesses engaged in design encompass in-house designers, design consultancies, freelance designers, couturiers and bespoke tailors and free design labels. The major hubs for fashion industry are London, the North West and the Est Midlands where Leicester is a foremost centre.

    Careers related to fashion include:

    • Fashion buyer

    • Fashion & textile design

    • Fashion forecasting

    • Fashion journalism

    • Fashion merchandising

    • Fashion model

    • Fashion promotion/PR

    • Fashion retail

    • Fashion stylist

    Many of the above posts may need, or require graduates with, a relevant degree."

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