Joe McElderry met Queen. What are details?

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Joe McElderry met Queen. What are the details of this story? Can someone tell me the details?

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  1. Guest8889
    X FACTOR winner Joe McElderry was so overwhelmed to meet The Queen at a film premiere he called her by the WRONG title. Joe, 19. sang for the royals at the London showing of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. The Geordie pop star told TV Biz: "I loved performing but I was so nervous because you have all this protocol and I kept getting the names mixed up. "You are supposed to say Your Majesty to The Queen and Your Royal Highness to the Duke of Edinburgh. But I kept getting her mixed up and calling the Queen Your Royal Highness. "I was convinced I was going to say something wrong. All the cameras were there, I was thinking, 'This needs to be the one time something doesn't go wrong'."

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