Johnny Depp wants Brad Pitt for a movie.

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Johnny Depp wants Brad Pitt for a movie. I read this in a news on internet. Do you know the details of the news? Someone tell me the details kindly.

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    ACTOR Johnny Depp had such a positive experience filming with Angelina Jolie, he is now interested in teaming up with Jolie's partner Brad Pitt. Depp threw Pitt's name in the mix to play the lead role in The Lone Ranger remake - in which Depp will play the role of Tonto, Entertainment Tonight said. Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski signed on as the director for the Disney project set for release in 2012. "There's so many interesting possibilities out there," Depp, 44, told the entertainment TV program. "Brad Pitt would be great. George Clooney would be great. Don't know who it's going to be just yet." Depp, whose grandfather is Cherokee, is deeply committed to the project and particularly to the way Native Americans are portrayed.

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