Jr NTR Marriage with Lakshmi Pranathi yes lakshmi is getting married

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Jr NTR Marriage with Lakshmi Pranathi yes lakshmi is getting married.  its a huge news in india and all the channels are playing it again and again. for those who don't know who lakshmi is, she is StudioN channel chairman's daughter. why so much hype though; she is not that hot anyways.

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  1. Guest4078
    @ GUESTTTT 15994064

    :) mind ur beeeezwaxxx.

  2. Guest3412
    seriously if this is true im quite shocked and surprised. im a huge fan of ntr's but then i do think the age difference is a lot. i mean she is in intermediate for heavens sake. forget about future education, im sure if she really wants to she can do it even after her wedding, but talk about maturity levels. she hardly has seen anything of the world and the cine world sure has a lot of stress. i mean she has to deal with her husband working all hours of the day and the rumours with other co stars and gossip and god knows what else. is she really mature enough to take up all that. i dont know. maybe he should wait a couple of years. i wish he'd rethink.
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