Julia Roberts has a sophisticated sense of humor

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Julia Roberts has a sophisticated sense of humor

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  1. Brett
    According to Julia Roberts, there is an enormous difference between filming with Clive Owen in "Duplicity" (due to be released on 25th March) and acting with her colleagues from "Ocean's Twelve", namely George Clooney and Brad Pitt.
    This isn't so surprising since they had the wicked habit of tormenting the actress with pranks which awaited her in the toilets, in her dressing room or even on her mobile phone.
    Bored by this childish behaviour, she is more inclined towards a more old fashioned and mature humor, like Clive's. But the British actor isn't dreary for all that, in fact quite the opposite. Already on the set of "Closer" in 2005, he knew how to make the beautiful Julia laugh and this chemistry was immediately rekindled.
    Yes, the two on screen partners share a similar sense of humor, which is more sophisticated.

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