Jumbo Hostel: World’s First Aircraft Hotel Will Never Take Off

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Jumbo Hostel: World’s First Aircraft Hotel Will Never Take Off

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  1. Brett
    Aerophobia is the fear of flying and even though more people die in road accidents every year than in flying accidents, many people still have a strong fear of flying. You can always tell who it is when you’re in a plane and there is a guy who is blindfolded and whispering, “Are we there yet?”

    After centuries of research, which began a few decades before the first plane was invented, scientists have now hit upon the perfect cure for this particular phobia. The results of the research show that 99.13% of the research subjects now have no fear of stepping inside a plane, and this miraculous cure is all thanks to a plane that promises not to get off the ground. This Boeing 747 jumbo jet will pamper you to the hilt and not a drop of sweat will form on your brow at the thought that the plane may take off while you are relaxed and promptly crash into a flock of happy geese. The Jumbo Hostel caters to the phobia-struck customers and those who pretend to be, merely to experiences the pleasures of this on-ground flight. The Jumbo Hostel has 25 luxuriously rooms; each room is 65ft and the craft has a reception area, cafe, and toilets and showers. A conference room is included for the shrinks who wish to further discuss the ‘research’.

    The room highest in demand is situated, obviously, in the cockpit and is remade as a wedding suite. Jumbo Hostel will stay ready for take-off at the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Perhaps, they stopped there to refuel and decided to ‘go green’.

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