Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez really interested in each other?

by Guest2818  |  10 years, 9 month(s) ago

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Or it is just another fantasy couple. Both are among the top super starts in America and they are together quite annoying because America is the country where you can't stick to a single girl or lady. Same way you can't stick with a single boy or man.The most pathetic society in the world. So how long will these two going to be holding each others hand.

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  1. Guest2172

    How long... you shouldn't be asking that because anybody who knows about americans, their society and their norms and traditions know that it will some time soon. it can even happen today. this american so called generation X doesn't understand Family values. Infact they don't even know the mean of relationships to the literal meaning of the word. They look at women as a toy to play with as they wish and when this desire or urge is filled they move on the next, just like animals in the jungle. As you reap so shall you sow, you might have heard this a lot of times but this is one of the unchangeable laws by which this world is being governed, their women do the same as their men. The scarifices people used to make to keep their families together and the respect people used to give eachothers families are an obsolete concepts in the American society. and they want the rest to be like them. and lose all that we hold dear, our families. Either your with us or against us, we are not like you and if you think we are against then be my guest. We will not chnage simply just because some fools living in a rich couldn't handle themselves and screwed up things to an extent that they can't sober up now. Its just like if your going down, you want others to go down with you.

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