Juventus in position to strip Inter

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Following two wins out of two, even at this early stage Juventus are in the best position to stop Inter Milan winning their fifth successive Serie A title.

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  1. amomipais82
    Patrick Vieira is a French midfielder who has guaranteed success to all the teams he has played for.

    After pulling the strings in the Arsenal midfield for nine years and enjoying a brilliant but ultimately disappointing season with Juventus, he now defends the colours of arguably the most potent club side in the world, Internazionale of Milan.

    Vieira is a machine of a player, whose tireless ball winning and accurate distribution helped France win the most prestigious trophies in soccer and Arsenal effectively challenge the dominance of Manchester United in England.
    He had played just two Serie A games for Milan before Arsenal cut in with a £4 million offer on Arsene Wenger's request. In fact Wenger had insisted on Vieira's signing even before accepting Arsenal's offer, clear proof of the manager's ability to spot greatness in a young player.

    After the lanky African signed for the Gunners in July of 1996, Wenger followed soon afterwards from Grampus Eight of the J-League.

    Born in Senegal to a family from Cape Verde, Patrick moved to Paris with his mother and brother when he was eight and did not return to Senegal until 2003.

    He never met his father and when asked whether he ever wanted to contact him, he says, "I don't know my dad. That's a part of my life I don't like talking about."

    When the Vieiras came to Paris, they settled in a cramped apartment in the grim Trappes suburb, not far from Versailles. The life in Trappes was hard, but peaceful then. Recently, it has became a stage of racial and religious tension.

    Vieira's first club was Cannes, where he made his debut at 17 and earned the captain's armband only two years later. Milan lured him to San Siro in early 1996, but Fabio Capello gave him just two Serie A appearances in the championship winning season.

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