Kamran Khan the hero of Rajasthan Royals

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Kamran Khan the hero of Rajasthan Royals made Kolkata Knight Riders pay a big price. he bowled four overs, 18 runs and three wickets.  what a bowler and waren was right on the money when the said; kamran khan is the rookie to watch.  he lost it at the bowl out over but never the less he is still the man to watch.

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    The match was decided by superOver. I'll fill you in with the rules of the Super Over. Each team gets one over to bat and the team which scores the most wins. If it's a tie then the team which scores the most sixes in the match wins.

    Right Kamran Khan will bowl and Ganguly, McCullum and Gayle are the three batsmen for Kolkata. A finish like this was just what the tournament needed. Takes your mind off the rain.

    Righto! Gayle and McCullum walk out. Looks like Gayle will face.

    Ball 1 ONE - Kamran fields well off his own bowling and he deflects it to long-off

    Ball 2 ONE - Ouch! McCullum tries to pull a full toss on waist height and he meets the ball flush on the glove

    Ball 3 WIDE - Too wide outside off, can't chase that

    Ball 3 FOUR - Poor length, full on the pads and he easily chips this one over mid-on

    Ball 4 FOUR - Another poor delivery, on the pads and he hoicks him across the line and sends the ball scorching to deep square leg

    Ball 5 FOUR - He comes over the wicket but it doesn't help, he stays at the crease, drags his backfoot back and thumps a full delivery across the line to deep midwicket

    Ball 6 OUT - Gayle stays at the crease, bends his knee and tries to cart a full ball over the off side but Quiney at sweeper cover takes a sharp catch falling forward

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