Kate Hudson gave birth to a baby boy

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My friend told me news about the Kate Hudson that she had a baby boy. I am looking for the details of the news, please give full details of the news. Thanks and waiting for your response.

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     Kate Hudson is mom for the second time; the actress gave birth to a baby boy Saturday night. The "health baby boy," whose name has not yet been released, was born in Los Angeles to Hudson and Muse rocker Matthew Bellamy.

    The new baby joins big brother Ryder, whose dad is Hudson's ex-husband Chris Robinson. Hudson, who announced her engagement to Bellamy in April, recently celebrated her expanding family at a baby shower in June.

    Hudson had revealed that she was not going to find out the s*x of her new baby before the birth, adding she used a "pendulum test" to predict that she'd have a baby girl.

    The 31-year-old actress said she did not know the s*x of the baby but she thought the unborn child was a girl based on the pendulum test.

    Hudson went on to explain and demonstrate the pendulum test which she jokingly called 'witchy.' "So here's the pendulum test. You take a piece of your hair and take a ring and you string it through. And then what you do is you hold it over your stomach and if it moves in a circle, it's a girl and a boy if the pendulum goes back and forth."

    The interviewer noticed that the pendulum was moving in the shape of a circle over Hudson's belly.

    But it looks like her unscientific test didn't work out so well.

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