Kevin Pietersen sold for $1.55 million to Bangalore Royal Challengers

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Kevin Pietersen sold for $1.55 million to Bangalore Royal Challengers - Kevin Pietersen's based price was at $1.35 million but he made lot more than just the base price. Bangalore Royal Challengers bought him for $1.55 million; i think they made a mistake and should have paid just a bit more than 1.55 million and could have made him the most expensive player in the IPL. This way Bangalore Royal Challengers would have gotten more press and his name would have brought them more exposure.  

There was a delay before Rajasthan raised the bid. Bangalore, however, raised the bid again and bought Pietersen at a cost of $1.55 million dollars, the same price as Andrew Flintoff. Pietersen and Flintoff are now the most expensive players in the IPL league.

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  1. Guest5353
    two English men Kavin Pieterson and Andrew Flintoff get the most in the ipl and become the highest paid players at 1.55 million each. i guess we love our masters who ruled us for so many years. the most expensive players should have been one of the Indians not an outsider.  

    in any event all this publicity is really good for us and no cricket board in the world can now mess with India. we can dictate any term any where. i love it.

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