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  • Ryan Reynolds has a new romance
    U.S. Weekly reports that Reynolds has found love again in the Oscar winner Charlize Theron. A source close to them...
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  • Ryan Reynolds is ready to go with green screens on big screen
    Green Lantern is ready to appear on the big screen this summer. Actor Ryan Reynolds joins listea handsome actors wh...
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  • Who do you think has the more impressive physique - Ryan Reynolds or Taylor Lautner?
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  • Debbie Reynolds relation with Elizabeth Taylor.
    I read in a news article that Debbie Reynolds in going to pay a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. What is the relation b...
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  • Who is Debbie Reynolds?
    I read about this actress Debbie Reynolds in a news paper . Can someone tell me the full bio of Debbie Reynolds?
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  • Debbie Reynolds tribute to Elizabeth Taylor.
    I heard in a news that Debbie Reynolds is going to pay a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. Can someone tell me the detai...
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