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  • Do you want to be part of Big Boss house if Veena Malik is there ?
    What you want to say.
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  • Is Veena Malik Wajib ul Qatal?
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  • How Veena Malik is a threat to Islam?
    Forget veena malik for a few moment, the thing i dont seem to understand is that how did the other actress who got...
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  • Who sent threats to veena malik?
    Do you know which taliban leader sent what kind of threat to pakistani model and TV star veena malik.
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  • What threat Veena malik gets from the Taliban?
    What type of threat Veena malik is getting from Taliban that shes being forced to think about seeking asylum, and s...
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  • What is Veena Malik cell phone number?
    I closely watched this season of the Big Boss in which Vena Malik was also selected to be as guest at Big Boss show...
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  • Veena Malik making fun of herself?
    Pakistani actress Veena Malik just exposing herself in the Indian t.v show bigboss. What she want to prove about he...
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