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  • How is Diwali observed?
    I am going to a diwali party next week in Sydney. Any one please tell me how is diwali observed and also tell me wh...
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  • when is diwali
    I am visiting India and I want to witness their diwali festival. Anyone please tell me when is diwali 2010.
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  • when was the first celebration of diwali
    I am writing details of some celebrations for a website. I have little idea about Indian diwali. Anyone please tell...
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  • what do Sikhs eat at diwali
    I have invited some Sikh friends on diwali and I don't know what Sikhs like to eat on diwali. If anyone knows pleas...
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  • History of diwali festival.
    I want to know the date when the first ever diwali was celebrated.
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  • how old is diwali
    I have to write about diwali history and it is my home work for school as well. Some one please tell me how old is...
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  • Meaning of Diwali
    I am writing some diwali cards and I want to know the meaning of the word diwali.
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  • what do people do during the diwali celebration?
    I am going to diwali party and I want to know what people do during diwali celebration.
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  • what do Sikhs eat at diwali and why
    Some Sikh friends of mine are joining me for diwali and I don't know what they like eating during diwali.
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  • when was diwali first celebrated
    I know diwali history but I want to know the date of the first ever diwali celebrated.
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  • How is Diwali Celebrated?
    I have been invited on diwali party by some Indian friends in Ohio but I don't know how they celebrate diwali. Anyo...
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  • Why do we celebrate Diwali?
    I want a solid answer for celebrating diwali to answer some of my friends at college.
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  • What is Diwali 2010?
    I received a parcel from India and Diwali 2010 is written on the back side of the parcel. Does anyone knows what it...
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  • how to decorate diwali diyas
    I am doing it for the first time but I want to impress my friends. Please tell me how to decorate diwali diyas.
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  • Starting Date of diwali in 1987?
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  • list of last 50 diwali date
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  • in which movie does asha parekh lose her eyesight due to a diwali firecracker?
    I watch the movie when I was in school but I can't remember the name of the name. Does anyone know the movie in whi...
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  • in which date was diwali in 1991?
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  • when was diwali 2009
    I visited India last year but I don't remember the date, what I remember is that it was diwali there.
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  • "DIWALI TAK SANGAM PASS" Cont. 08085483321
    "DIWALI TAK SANGAM PASS" Cont. 08085483321
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