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  • Difference between psoriasis and dermatitis
    Although I am not a doctor and have nothing to do with the world of medicine but I always like adding up to my know...
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  • Recognized psoriasis treatment centers in India
    It has been a few years now that I am not able to get rid of psoriasis. I have tried almost all the treatments that...
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  • Latest psoriasis treatments
    I have been listening to a number of psoriasis treatments eversince I happen to know about this skin infection. Mos...
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  • Treating psoriasis on the scalp in adults
    I do not remember that I ever really had any problem with my hairs or the scalp. Few days back, while brushing I di...
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  • Treating psoriasis on the face
    It is only about a month left to go for my wedding and I have discovered signs of psoriasis on my face. Although I...
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  • Tips for preventing psoriasis
    All what I know about psoriasis that it is some kind of a skin disease that causes some redness and irritation of t...
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