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  • Is Cristiano Ronaldo the most popular player on FIFA 14
    Is Cristiano Ronaldo, the most popular player on FIFA 14 FIFA Ultimate Team from the Pro Clubs, through the Season...
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  • why do you like cristiano ronaldo?
    hes cute
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  • What is Irina Shayk to Christiano Ronaldo?
    I have heard that Irina shayk and Christiano Ronaldo are together. You get to hear a lot of rumors about celebritie...
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  • cristiano ronaldo twitter
    I need help on finding real cristiano ronaldo twitter account. I tried searching on twitter and there’re so many re...
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  • Is Ronaldo better then Zidane?
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  • World Cup will miss Ronaldo
    Real Madrid's record signing Cristiano Ronaldo is in danger of missing the 2010 World Cup should his team Portugal...
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  • Can Cristiano Ronaldo inspire Portugal to qualification?
    With Portugal’s hopes of sealing a place in next summer’s World Cup rapidly fading, Cristiano Ronaldo must step up...
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