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  • how many earth days will it take to make 1 day on Saturn
    I am doing this math but I don't know about Saturn day length. Someone please tell me the math and how many earth d...
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  • 1994 saturn sL2 has shifting problems kicks down into lower gears at random very hard at times
    transmission shift problems kick down in lower gears service engine light on i turn the car off the light goes out...
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  • 2003 Saturn L200 manual transmission fluid level check
    may saturn has a leak in the transmission, I have a manual shift. I was told it cost 1500 or just check fluid level...
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  • what is the gravityforce of saturn
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  • How do you bleed the brakes on a 2002 Saturn L100 2.2L?
    I also want to know about the braking systems.
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  • 2002 Saturn
    I have a 2002 Saturn L series. My problem is that the only way the I can shift my car is to turn the key half way...
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