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  • Is Canada v/s Australia going to be another upset of ICC World Cup 2011?
    With Canada off to a flying start in their last group match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 against Australia, ar...
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  • How to calm upset stomach?
    A distressed stomach can arrive from numerous things and before you heal it, I want to find out what initiated it....
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  • Why am I so upset and Just annoyed at everyone!!
    Umm im 15, I am usually happy and funny but I feel so low and Pissed. I am lately sucking on my skin to give me bru...
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  • Would you be upset that you are in horizons without any of your friends?
    Would you feel geeky? Would you feel like a jerk? Would you feel happy because you are smarter than everyone? E...
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  • Del Potro to upset Nadal
    Sure Nadal hasn’t confirmed his place in the semifinal yet, but if he makes it, can Juan Martin del Potro upset the...
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