Khan to follow in Hatton’s footsteps?

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In July 2009, Amir Khan won his first title by becoming the WBA light welterweight champion. Will he be Britain’s next Ricky Hatton?

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  1. Guest8548
    ricky hatton- didn't fight any decent fighters,
    amir khan took a chance- early on in his carrer  &
    im confident he'll take more- both of them had an unbeaten record.
    one had to lose- it was khan.
    came back, people didnt know who to choose
    khan or berrera- again it was risky as nobody
    coudn't pick a winner.
    at the end, you saw a new pacman- with the speed.
    mr antonio got a whooping && like a girl he blamed it on his cut.

    recently him beating- the champion taking his belt
    && taking a few to his chin.
    shows he will be one to watch in the future.

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