Information on ovarian diseases.

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It has been 5 years that I got married but still do not have a baby. There is nothing that seems to be wrong with me apparently but there has to be something behind not having a baby in 5 years. I would appreciate if someone could tell me about ovarian diseases.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Ovarian diseases are normally categorized as endocrine disorders or disorders of the reproductive system. When the egg in the ovary of a female reproductive system fails to release from the follicle, this results in the formation of an ovarian cyst. The small ovarian cysts are quite common in healthy women but when there are more follicles than normal, this reduces the follicles to grow as they usually do thus causing irregularities in cycles. This can turn out to be a severe kind of disorder that may also transform into a type of reproductive system cancer. If there are any symptoms like abdominal swelling, pressure, or pain, frequent urination or urinary urgency, back pain, leg pain, unusual vaginal bleeding, and feeling full without having eaten enough, then you must visit the doctor for diagnosis at the earliest possible. .

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