Ideas on Sweet 16 party decorations.

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I will turn sweet 16 by the end of this month as well as few of my classmates who have their date of births pretty close to mine. As most of us are in the final year of our O level and aging near about 16 years so looking to arrange a party named Sweet 16 party. Kindly provide some decorations ideas for this party.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    The age of 16 is considered to be special as it is the halfway mark of the teenage. Most teenagers for this age group tend to be adventurous thus considering themselves as the mightiest creatures on earth. Hence for all these reasons, the 16th birthday is quite special as compare to all the other birthdays. Therefore, it needs to be celebrated in quite a remarkable and a memorable way. In order to make the Sweet 16 party a night to remember, the decorations are of key importance. Some decorations may include:

    * A sweet 16 Centerpiece

    * Sweet 16 dinnerware

    * Tablecloths

    * Lots of Balloons

    * Streamers

    * Confetti

    * Throw Pillows

    * Party Posters

    * Party Hats and Tiaras

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