Kindly someone tell me how to control bad child behaviour?

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My child is just under three years old and shall be going to school by this year. We both parents are very much concerned and rather worried about her bad behaviour and thus afraid of sending her to school. It is more than just a favour to all of us if someone could tell us about controlling bad child behaviour.

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  1. selvester robin

     Usually children of that age are naughty and difficult to train. So as they are so young to understand things and behave sensibly. In order to train them, never scold them or beat them especially in front of guest and other people. Try to engage them in healthy activities more rather than watching movies all the time. It does not mean that watching movie is bad activity. Try to watch your kids’ only productive and constructive programs in which you find learning and educate your kids in a best manner. You can also teach them through story books, cartoons, films. Give your kids maximum love, care and appreciate their good activities. Take your kids to some good and informative places and play with them as much as you can. We all know bad behavior and bad upbringing can ruin the personality and character of a person because at that age you can make or break your kid character. So better upbringing can make the character of your kid on which his whole life is depending upon it. Sometimes we have to ignore the rudeness of our child as they are not so mature enough to understand. In short, we always have to encourage our children and try to understand them in soft and gentle manner.

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