LCD lighter or heavier than a LED

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I have a question related to the TV Technology. From the past few years, I have been listening about different types of LCDs and LEDs. Somehow, I have never been able to differentiate between the two. This is for sure that both are lighter than the ordinary TV also called Plasma. However, I would like to know that comparing LED vs. LCD, which one is lighter?

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  1. Guest1983

    Considering that Old is Gold, Plasma is a technology involving rare gases subjected to an strong electromagnetic field causing them to produce the colors. At present, plasma is considered to be the best for many reasons even though the better models are also the most expensive. However, with the invention of the LCDs and LEDs, the plasma technology seems to have lost bit of significance. When we compare LCD’s to LED monitors we will see that LED offer much more quality as backlight affect display quality. This is infact the basic difference between LCD and LED monitors lays in backlight used for reproducing image even if they are based on the same technology. The LCD monitors use cold cathode fluorescent lamps as their backlight while LED monitors use light of emitting diodes. This is first and main difference between those two types of display technologies meaning that LED monitors are type of LCD’s. However, if we compare the eight of the two, then we would come to know that LED is probably lighter than LCD, provided the size is the same.

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