Lakshmi Mittal, the World’s Richest Soccer Club Owner

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Lakshmi Mittal, the World’s Richest Soccer Club Owner

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  1. Saba
    Lakshmi Mittal, the steel tycoon, was listed the world’s richest soccer club owners by the Forbes. The total net worth was $19.6 billion, making him the richest soccer team owner.

    Mittal, who is from Indian origin, has made India proud once again. Although, soccer is not as popular as cricket in India, it still has made news making Lakhsmi Mittal in the top of the list of Forbes.  Mittal is the stakeholder of Queen’s Park Rangers as well. The steel tycoon has laid its fortune in the soccer fields as well, and the returns seem to be as good as in the fields of the steel manufacturing units.

    Forbes had also listed Lakshmi Mittal the world’s eighth richest man recently. Amongst the richest to own soccer clubs. Lakshmi Mittal was given close competition by Amancio Ortega with $ 18.3 billion who owns Deportivo De La Coruna team. The co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Alen was not far behind with $ 10.5 billion. Recession has indeed taken the toll on the profit margins this season with the combined net worth of top ten billionaires in soccer teams less than $ 90 billion as opposed to $ 160 billion last year.

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