Lamborghini Aventador Price in Australia

by Guest5565  |  8 years, 10 month(s) ago

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What is the price range of Lamborghini Aventador in Australia? Please also tell me if it is feasible to buy Aventador here in Australia or should I import it?

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  1. Leonardo

    The suggested retail price is €255,000 in Europe, £201,900 in the UK and $379,700 in the U.S. Production will be limited to 4000 units so it is only available in selected countries.


  2. Guest3046

     In Australia the price of Lamborghini Aventador has been set to $850,000. It shall be released in Australia in the later half of the year  2011. I would advice you to wait for its release in Australia, as its already expensive and importing it will cause  alot of burden on your purse.

  3. Guest509

    The price of  Lamborghini Aventador has not been set officially. But there is a speculation of $850,000 which will be announced in summer 2011.

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