LeBron James now seen as zero.

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LeBron James now seen as zero. What are the details of Lebron James? Can someone tell me the latest news about Laberon james?

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  1. Guest4000
    Instead, driving into this blue-collar metropolis, you see a billboard for the basketball team that simply reads ``CLEVELAND'' -- with the new team slogan ``One For All'' in small print underneath. It's a simple ad with an obvious target. The building on the corner of Ontario and Prospect streets that once hung a giant mural of LeBron James and the word ``Witness,'' now features an ad from Sherwin Williams, a Cleveland-based company, with a picture of the Cleveland skyline that reads ``Our Home Since 1866. Our Pride Forever.'' This isn't a one-man city any longer. The anti-LeBron sentiment began the night of July 8, when James announced his decision to leave Cleveland to play in Miami. And it has only grown stronger since, building up to Thursday night, when James and the Heat play in Quicken Loans Arena for the first time since James' hasty and highly scrutinized departure.

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