Learn to connect with your vital center

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Learn to connect with your vital center

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    According to traditional Chinese medicine, our vital center is where energy reserves are accumulated in our body and is located below the navel, at a point called Tanti that matches the body center of gravity. Meet our Tanti is very important in maintaining good health and wellbeing.

    It is our true root

    Lighter has left the thinker Osho. In " The Book of Hara," says: "The human being is not connected with the vital energy or through the head and through the heart," but that near the navel mysterious place where the mother during pregnancy is connected. It is the basic connection, then the Heart & develop the brain.

    Knowing the properties of Tanti is important for our health because the body moves around this center to sit, stand or play any movement. Awareness of the center of gravity leads to postures avoiding ergonomic musculoskeletal disorders and physiological.

    3 simple exercises to take care of our vital center

    There are certain exercises that can be performed as part of our daily routine, and are useful to increase body awareness and improve balance. For example:

    • If you work sitting, when we need a break from intellectual effort and stretch muscles, we can leverage to exercise our balance and center of gravity. We sat up straight, without resting on the back and arms outstretched. We stand and sit again without using arms.

    We repeat the exercise three times, on successive days, we will build up to ten. It is a good practice especially if you suffer from a tendency to get dizzy when getting up after being bent.

    • Another exercise is to walk with one foot behind the other (type "rooster - hen ") as would a tightrope tightrope. To achieve this we focus on the vertical line should trace the body from head to toe. Exercise is best done on a firm surface, not carpet or rug, and contracting your stomach muscles. And walked a minimum of three meters and repeat two or three times a day.

    • Another useful exercise is to walk sideways. Facing a wall, take a step to the side with one leg and then the other foot closer. We do ten times clockwise and ten times counterclockwise.

    When we feel safe doing the exercises, we can try to do it with my eyes closed.

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