Lessons from Steve Jobs

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Lessons from Steve Jobs

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    A few hours of the announcement of his death, Steve Jobs continues to move masses, this time in memory.

    Steve Jobs was one of the best times of our Keynote Speakers. His ability to present a product residing in the excitement caused him to use it. When Jobs spoke, the world listened and now we have the opportunity to do it again.

    In 2001 the options for listening to music portable manner were minimal. Jobs announced, with all the passion that characterized the launch of device that revolutionized the music industry, the iPod.

    Joker, always passionate and charismatic Jobs was worshiped even by their larger competitors.

    Steve Jobs did not always have the confidence and ease to go to the masses who had the time of his death. We have a video of her first televised interview.

    In 2005, Jobs gave a speech at the graduation of students from the University of Stanford. It revealed how he came to be CEO of Apple and Pixar, as well as their secret to enjoying life.

    We remember him as one of the visionaries of our time, but also as a great human being.

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