Lies People Tell

by Guest7688  |  12 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Looking to know all common and uncommon lies that people tell in day to day life... Please share your lies....

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  1. Guest4913

     I love you!

  2. Guest8783

     Honey u dont look fat at all.

  3. Guest6367

    I will pay you back tomorrow!

  4. Guest9756

    Ive seen you some place...... don't know where.

    I will be there with you in 5 min..

  5. Guest408

    I am with my friend, while on date......................

  6. Guest16

    One of the most common lie is "I never tell a lie in my whole life".

  7. Guest763

     I have read and I agree to the terms of services!

  8. Guest2716

    Be there in 5 mins

  9. Guest748

     You can trust me dear!

  10. Guest3334

     My phone was on silent!

    My phone's battery was dead!

  11. Guest8003

    you look beautiful without make up


  12. Guest5956

    Cosmetics enhance your face value, really soft on the eyes. 

  13. Guest1934

     You are my only girlfrnd

  14. Guest25

    life aint fun without you.........

    i cant live with out you......

    honey i love you not your

  15. Guest9750

     Your baby is so cute....

  16. Guest2860

    we didn't sleep together. That's just my friend.

  17. Guest2416

    I am sensible and intelligent than anyone else.

  18. Guest1326

    I am sensible and intelligent than anyone else.

  19. Guest1031

     I'll call you back in a while.......

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