Limitation of time occupied by the study in Australia

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Limitation of time occupied by the study in Australia

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    With the limitation of time occupied by the study in Australia, students have to look for jobs available outside the traditional working hours, as they will be probably busy until 3 pm (most English Courses are between 8 to 3 pm).  Many Shopping Centres and commercial city centres in Australia close early around 5:30 pm. But there is a strong demand for evening and night work within the hospitality industry, and that fits very well, as this jobs offer flexible shifts in all kind of occupations in restaurants or hotels. There are some nocturnal jobs, as cleaners in commercial offices and in the IT industry but for this one it is necessary to have a specific knowledge. There are many opportunities in commercial and services business such as in Pizza places where students are contracted to prepare and deliver pizza (to deliver you will need to have car) and many restaurants have students as waiters and preparing food. So it's perfectly possible to find a job to conciliate the course, and also work in the weekends and holidays.

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