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I need a list of tour and travel companies, blacklisted  by Saudi Arab. Please provide the list of those companies.

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  1. Guest7891

    87 Pakistani companies have been blacklisted by Saudi Arabia because of dealing with Umrah in violation of the agreement.

    Ministry of Tourism and Youth Affairs is taking serious actions against the blacklisted companies.

    Saudis blacklisted Pakistani travel companies are: Decent Enterprises Travel, Tawal and Tawaf Travel, Al-Awan Travels Limited, Osman Travel and Tour, Euro International Travel, Karavan-e-Hamza Travel and Tours, Luna Travel and Tours, Welcome Travellers, Alwafe Travellers and Tours, Abdullah Bin Sultan Haj and Umrah, Alshakreen Travel and Tours, Qurtaba Travels, Alshuker Travels, Al-Hija International, Taiba International Group, Star Travels, Karwan-e-Madinah International, Shah International, Ali Hamid Travel, Warooj Aviation Services, Alhafiz International, United Wings Travels, Alkhair Travels, Moon Travels, United Air Travels, Euro Travels, Alarafat Travels, Kashmir Ways Travels, Alomes Travels, Alyasin for Umrah Services, Pak Makkah Travels, New Khawaja Travels, Karavan-e-Madinah, Al-Qurtaba International Groups, Sky Delta Travels, Hadi Travels, Pak Royal Travels, Qurtaba International Travels, Arabian Travel and Tours, Altahveed Travel and Tours, Peak Time Travels, Meer Travel and Tours, Air Vision Travels, G&B International Travels, Travel Inn International, Royal Air Links, Sijal Travels, Sonia Travels, Althatten International Travels, Zair Al Kabas Travels, Chilton Travels, But Travels, Bukhari Travels and Tours New Labbaik Travels and Tours, Golden Hock for Travels Services, Al-Riyadh Travels, Ashir Travels, Nafees Travels, Karwan-e-Ashraf Tours, Al-Haramain Travel and Aviation, Nice Travels, Munshi Travels, SHM Travels, Jinnah Travels, Air Travels International, Wali Travel and Tours, Jet Star Travel and Tours, DGK Tours, Delta Pacific Travels, King Way Travels, Malik Express Travels, Rajput Travels, Alain Express Travels, New Frontier Travels, Muzaffar International Travel and Tours, Harman Travels, Almed for Haj, Umrah and Travels, Al-Ahmed International, Qatar International Travels, Sana Travels, Winds Travels, France International, Madina International, Ao Labbaik Travellers, Karak Tours and Travellers, Tawakal Tour and Traveller and Al-Mansoor Traveller and Tour.


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