List of Chinese martial arts

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I am very fond of Chinese material arts and now planning to get some classes for this. I need to know the list of Chinese martial arts, please help. Thank you so much in advance.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Chinese martial arts are the foundation of all other types of martial arts throughout the whole world. These martial arts were evolved within numerous centuries and it is helpful to have a list characterizing their exclusive qualities.

    Below is the list of Chinese martial arts:

    • Bafaquan

    • Baguazhang

    • Bajiquan

    • Bak Mei

    • Black Tiger Kung Fu

    • Chaquan

    • Changquan

    • Chuo Jiao

    • Choy Gar

    • Choy Li Fut

    • Dachengquan Ditangquan Do Pai

    • Dragon Kung Fu

    • Duan Quan

    • Emeiquan

    • Fanziquan

    • Five Ancestors

    • Five Animals

    • Fujian White Crane

    • Fu Jow Pai

    • Fut Gar

    • Gouquan

    • Hakka Kuen

    • Hap Ga

    • Houquan "

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