List of Chinese restaurants in Karachi with contact details

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How many categories of Chinese restaurants do you notice in Karachi with contact details, as I have to write an article on the subject I have mentioned above? Anyone can help me out regarding? 

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  1. Guest2531
    Here are some of the best chinese restaurants in Karachi: Chinese Inn Restaurant +92-21-34811587, Chinese Palace Restaurant +92-300-2093729, Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant +92-21-34385276, Imperial Court Chinese Restaurant +92-21-34554397, Kowloon Chinese Restaurant +92-21-34386259.

  2. Guest5137

     Dynasty restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Karachi. The authentic menu offers a selection of 139 “lucky” dishes, many of which are cooked in the classical Cantonese style, in accordance with recipes mainly from Guandong province in Southern China, or specifically from Guangzhou (Canton). The restaurant which also seats 139 “lucky” guests is popular at lunchtimes with business people and shoppers in search of a great value meal, with dim sum, hearty soups, and shrimp or chicken fried rice amongst the favorites, along with crispy spring rolls, and stir fried noodles. In the evenings, the lights dim, classical Chinese music fills the air, and the restaurant is transformed into a romantic dining venue reminiscent of the great Chinese restaurants of Hong Kong Island, Shanghai and Beijing, with black lacquered round tables for ten guests, replete with spinning lazy suzies groaning under the weight of the various dishes selected for a typical Dynasty feast, as recommended by the Chinese master chefs who come to each table to talk through the menu with the diners, matching the various Cantonese and Sichuan flavors, of salty, sweet, spicy and sour.

    Dynasty restaurant also offers a home and office catering service for a minimum of 20 guests, and will tailor make special menus for every occasion and every taste, whether spicy Szechuan, or classic Cantonese sweet and sour, or a combination of both.

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