List of Farm Garden Machinery and Equipment companies.

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Can you tell me about some of the famous Farm and Garden Manufacturing companies. What are their names and where they are located, Can you tell about it?

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    Brownlee, Ken & Sons Equipment Corporation. It is located in Eartlton Canada. Farmatic Research was located in the London road , also in Canada. The Curran Farm Equipment is also located in Harriston, Canada. The Harkness is located in the Harriston ,Canada. The Curran Farm is also located in the Maxville Canada. The Mccann Farm Automation is located in the Seeleys Bay, Canada. The Huron Tractor Limited was located in St Thomas, in Canada. The Huron Tractor Limited is a company which is located in Blyth, in the Country Canada. The Mattamy Homes Limited is located in Milton Canada. The D&W Group is located in Vineland, in Canada. The Bdi Canada is another farm and Garden manufacturing company which is located in St Catherine, in the state of Canada.

    Another famous garden machinery equipment manufacturing company is located in Hensall Canada and the name of the company is Vander Zaag Ltd. The Eastern Farm Machinery limited company is located in Guelph, in Canada. The Morrow Farm Equipment Limited company is also located in Sunderland, Canada.

    Ellis Farm Equipment Limited is located in St Thomas, in the country Canada. Earth Power Tractors and Equipment Limited is also located in the Rd2, Stayner, in Canada. Lange Ross is a garden Machinery manufacturing company which is located in Utopia, in Canada.


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