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I’ve recently created a new site and want to do free directory submission. The task is too lengthy and I am looking for some automated tools that are free to use and have list of free directories within them. Please advice!

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  1. Brandon Tucker

    Mostly webmasters and Website owners are crazy about promoting their websites to get more visitors. Mostly people do different tasks to promote their websites but majority start from web directory submission because it’s basic to start and first step to promote the site. There is a long  list of free web directories available online and submitting your website in web directories are time consuming and boring task and one can exhausted after doing a little, so majority people are looking for automated solution.

    You can find many free directory submission tools which are helpful, effective and time efficient by using these queries in Google or any other search engines:

    “list of free directory submission tools”

    “free directory submission tools”

    “directory submission tools”

    “automated directory submission”

    Here is a list of some free web directory submission tools which are also useful and effective but there are two types of tools one online web based tools and second are software’s that run your PC.

    Fast Directory Submitter: As name shows it’s completely free web directory submission tool with more than 1500+ directories and listing updated regularly. You can simply add your data to relevant fields with variations and more website to get better ranking. You have to just simply click and sit back watch your listing growing.

    Easy Submits: As name shows it’s really easy to submit your website through online web based directory submission tool. With hundreds of directories present in this tool, you just need to register on their site and then you have to enter your login details, adding your desired website you want to promote with relevant data in specific fields and you are ready to go.

    You can find this free directory submission tool at

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