List of best healthy fruits and vegetables to eat

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Hi, my name is Lora Davis. I m a very diet conscious person and I’m so much selective about my food. Yesterday, I read a blog about the importance of vegetables and fruits. So kindly provide me a list of healthy vegetables and fruits. I will be very thankful.

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  1. Victor Strong

    Best vegetables - 

  2. Victor Strong

     Hi Lora, Selvester did an excellent job out mentioning fruits and veggies that aid in weight loss and dieting. If you are looking for more options for the purpose of adding valuable vitamins and other benefits to your diet, try the following lists for information and options:

    Fruits -

  3. selvester robin

    Yes, you are right healthy fruits and vegetables play a very role in making you fit and healthy. It also play a vital role in reducing weight as it contains a large amount of fiber and water and both are low in calories .They contains minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals in a large quantity as it is plays a fundamental role in  maintaining and improving your body . Both fruits and vegetables are equally favorable in curing patient as well.

              By eating fruits and vegetable, you can get a large amount of advantages. Via following link, you can not only lose weight but also tone and trim your body as well by joining gym along with it. It will prove to be very helpful for sure not only for that particular time of period but for whole life. Hope you will like our link. It will surely help you in a best way.

    List of best healthy fruits:

    List of best healthy vegetables:


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