List of eating places at Adelaide Airport

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Looking for the list of eating places at Adelaide Airport. If someone knows about it please let me know.

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  1. Guest4051
    List of eating places at at Adelaide Airport is as follows: 1862 Bar
    1862: the year Coopers brewed its first drop. The 1862 menu offer reflects the essence of Coopers Alehouse. Level 2, Shop 11
    (08) 8234 4059

    Billie Chu
    Made-to-order, hawker-style, Asian-inspired food - live food theatre in open kitchens. Level 2, Shop 2
    (08) 8234 4059

    Cafe Terra Rosa
    Cafe Terra Rosa is the terminal's largest food and beverage outlet and it serves a menu combining made to order, pre-prepared and pre-packaged items designed to eat in or take away. Level 2, Shop 7
    (08) 8234 4059

    Cibo Espresso
    An Adelaide institution serving authentic Italian food & great coffee, Cibo is famous for its paninis, Italian cakes and perfect coffee every time! Level 2, Shop 19
    (08) 8234 4059

    Cocolat & Wicked Desserts
    Enjoy a coffee made using the finest espresso, a decadent white hot chocolate, a sip of a milkshake, a slice of luscious fudge cake or try our wonderful waffles.
    Level 2, Shop 28
    (08) 8234 3661

    Coopers Ale House
    With Coopers on tap, and a specially designed bar and snack menu, Coopers Alehouse is the perfect destination. Level 2, Shop 12
    (08) 8234 4059

    Dreamy Donuts
    Stop in for a great coffee with the best donuts around. Our donuts are made from a unique yeast-raised donut recipe and come in a range of irresistible flavours, including our gourmet Apple Crumble, Raspberry Dream, Tiramisu and Dream Choc donuts which are prepared with quality fruit fillings and/or toppings, including real chocolate.
    Level 2, Shop 5A
    (08) 8234 3504

    Grinders Coffee
    Grinders Coffee offers a freshly roasted, individual coffee experience as well as delicious snacks.
    Level 2, Shop 45
    Between Gates 13 and 14
    (08) 8234 4059

    Hudsons Cafe
    At Hudsons Coffee we’re about more than just great coffee. We cater to every taste with a range of delicious chocolate drinks, teas and refreshing cold drinks – perfect for the non coffee drinker. Families are welcome, in fact Hudsons Huddabubbas (baby’cinos) are free for kids.
    Level 0, Shop 1
    (08) 8234 3677

    Hudsons Coffee
    Whether you’re jet-setting off or arriving back home Hudsons Coffee is there to help you on your way. We’re up early and stay open into the evening to get you flying.
    Level 2, Shop 29
    (08) 8234 3866

    Hungry Jacks
    The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. Whether you are on the run and need a quick bite, or have some time to relax, Hungry Jack's is the place to visit for a delicious meal. Level 2, Shop 17
    (08) 8234 4059

    Icons of South Australia
    An essential part of any trip to South Australia is savoring the regional food and wine. At Icons South Australia you’ll find a showcase of the best tastes from around South Australia. While away the time by indulging in a regional food platter or a flight of wines at the in-store tasting bar. Level 2, Shop 3
    (08) 8234 3025

    Villa & Hut Kafe
    Shop 15 - (International Departures) Take some time out with Villa & Hut while waiting for your international flight. Offering selection of sandwiches wraps and light refreshment. How about trying our famous Chai drinks, coffees and herbal teas.
    Shop 30 - Villa & Hut offers our famous chais, coffees and herbal teas, complemented with a range of gluten free products, sandwiches and Emma & Toms juices for your enjoyment.

    Level 2, Shop 15
    (International Departures)

    Level 2, Shop 30
    Between Gates 22 and 23)
    (08) 8234 4800

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