List of jobs in fashion industry

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My friend was asking me about jobs opportunities in fashion industry but I don’t know the exact details about it. Please provide me a list of jobs in fashion industry. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Jennifer

     fashion industry

     "The fashion commerce presents several job possibilities for creative professionals who have good information and abilities in design principles, methods, and devices to form sketches and illustrations of genuine garments, footwear, handbags and other latest trends appurtenances. They usually focus in a specific aspect of apparel design, for example men's, women's, children's wear, or lingerie.

    List of jobs in fashion industry:

    • Fashion Merchandising

    • Fashion Designer

    • Clothing Pattern Maker

    • Fashion Sales Representative

    • Accessories Designer

    • Product Manager

    • Showroom Sales Representative

    • Pattern Grader

    • Costume Designer

    • Fashion Designer

    • Assistant Fashion Designer

    • Fashion Illustrator

    • Sample Maker

    • Shoe Designer

    • Lingerie Designer "

    Fashion indusrty

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