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My brother was asking me about the job opportunities regarding law enforcement but I don’t know the exact details. Please tell me what the law enforcement careers available in the field are these days.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Law enforcement careers has a vast variety from entry-level clerical posts and investigative-type occupations to supervisory and authority positions. In the localized and state grades, the very common law enforcement positions are:

    Patrol officer

    • Police detective

    • State trooper

    • Corrections officer

    • Probation officer

    • Law enforcement officer

    In federal level of Law enforcement careers are:

    • FBI and Secret Service agents

    • Border Patrol agents

    • Customs officials

    In every kind of post in law enforcement specific age requirement, learning, and basic know-how requirements are mandatory. With the progress in research and latest technology, law enforcement has become convoluted and specialized. Recently, a high school diploma was the only educational obligation required for any individual involved in going into a policeman academy to train to become a policeman officer. Today, although, most law enforcement positions need post-secondary teaching and learning, as well as an exact know how job experience."

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