List of top Soybean Farming countries.

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Hey there, i am looking for the list of top Soybean Farming in the world. I have asked a teacher but he also does not know the answer. Do you have any information about that? Can someone help me in this regard? I would be really great full.

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    Here are the countries of the world known for the farming of soybean and also I will mention the dates from history when it first brought in the region.


    The uncultivated ancestor of the soybean is Glycine soja (previously called G. ussuriensis), a legume native to central China.

    The oldest soybeans were encountered in archaeological sites in Korea out of date about 1000 BCE,

    United States

    Soybeans were ushered in to America in 1765 by Samuel Bowen, a crewman who had stayed at China. He developed soy close to Savanna, Georgia and even made soy gravy for sale to England.

    South America

    The soybean first came in South America in Brazil in 1882.


    The soybean first came in Africa in Egypt in 1857.

    Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania

    Wild soybeans were divulged in northeastern Australia in 1770 by explorers Banks and Solander. In 1804 the first soyfood wares ("Fine India Soy" [sauce]) was marketed in Sydney. In 1879 the first soybeans came in Australia, a gift of the Minister of the Interior Department, Japan.


    In 1831 the first soy wares ("A small number dozen India Soy" [sauce]) came in Canada.

    Caribbean / West Indies

    The soybean came in the Caribbean in the configuration of soy gravy made by Samuel Bowen in Savannah, Georgia, in 1767

    Central Asia

    The soybean is first in cultivated Transcaucasia in Central Asia in 1876, by the Dungans.

    Mexico and Central America

    The first source to the soybean in this region was brought from Mexico in 1877.

    Southeast Asia

    By the 13th century the soybean had came in Indonesia; it possibly came much beforehand, brought by traders or merchants from southerly China.

    South Asia / Indian Subcontinent

    By the 1600s, soy gravy was being disseminated from southerly Japan right through this territory by the Dutch East India Co. (VOC).


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