Live feed for attacks on mumbai

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is there any live tv feeds for attacks on mumbai? please list.

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  1. Guest2200
    i don't know about any live feed but i'm watching tv right now and can report here ongoing basis. the part of the building is on fire at taj hotel cannot be reached by fire workers so the fire continues to burn and it is slowly spreading.

    currently the main aim of the authorities is to deal with the terrorist instead of containing the fire, almost 19 hours of fighting so far; something that has never been seen anywhere in the world at this magnitude.

  2. Guest7139
    police continues to fight prime minister said:

    we will take the strongest measures to ensures this never happened again.  we will deal with all those who are responsible.  currently its all about law and order.
  3. Guest3084
    on a positive side, the operation to take back the city is on course.  we are hearing gun fire from all three locations. police may have to battle more terrorists who are in sleeping cell in the city.
  4. Guest7916
    The chief minister
    The entire world is with us, he spoke at 4:30am and now again.

    Exact number is not known, between 20-25 terrorist, our record show there are seven foreigners are injured and six foreigners have died.  Details of the nationals has not been disclosed, our first job is to rescue the hostages but one terrorist has been caught, after the inquiry we’ll come to know who they belong to.  There was always a general perception Mumbai is terrorist target due to being the economic power house and international center.  Intelligent has not failed but we need to tighten up our security.  Coastal police has been sanctioned and we are buying speed boats to monitor our waters.  

    Government yesterday appealed to the schools to keep it close but our stock market I don’t know why it is closed. today I have asked the chief sectary to talk to stock market and have them start their business.  

    The life of people staying in the hotel is very important, our request to police is to help those who need help but take care of the situation at hand in best way possible. That was chief minister for Mumbai.
  5. Guest5209
    All three locations are seeing actions, the mood right now in the city is edgy, people are wondering when this siege will end. Its been almost 20 hours and war is still going.  The entire area has been off limits for security reason.  Jewish community has been targeted, an Israeli group’s headquarter has been targeted.  Six foreigners have been killed, more than 100 overall including 10 policemen.  Terrorist knew exactly where they were heading to.

    Weapons used so far, hand grenades, automatic weapons, and bombs.  They were easily able to get access to Norman house (the Israeli group headquarter), they were driving police car, which is one of the reason they got accessed to Norman house easily.
  6. Guest9253
    nsg is heading the operation.  attacks were seen at 13 different locations.
  7. Guest9588
    fighting continues, gun fires are being fired from both directions. we are told they have taken someone to the hospital; it believe to be another foreigner.  Full scale gun battle is on, the difficulty is that police is moving up the hotel floor by floor and terrorists are firing from above and its getting intense.  Police also has to sweep floors for any explosive devices. So the city is still under siege and situation is ongoing.

    Most people in the taj hotel have been put into a safe place so the final assault will take place any moment.
  8. Guest9070
    Phone records shows the death of the top police officer is being celebrated by the terrorist “police chief ko be mar dala”
  9. Guest2300
    Majority of the rooms have been sensitized in oberoi hotel; first three floors have been cleared.  Police is also concerned about other terrorist who are at large in the city. The man hunt is on to catch them, first priority is to arrest them alive and if that is not possible; shoot to kill. Police is asking help from the citizens to come forward with any news that can help catch the terrorists on large or share anything else that can help understand the situation better.
  10. Guest4863
    Gunshots are heard from the new Taj wing. Mumbai has been under siege for the last 20 hours and india’s bravest sons have been killed. Focus is now on freeing hostages.  300 injured, seven terrorist have been arrested.  

    We will go after those responsible and they will pay a havey price for it says the prime minister of India.
  11. Guest3034
    They came wearing black hoods, firing automatic weapons and throwing grenades. They took hostages and attacked two hotels, a movie theater, a café, a train station and other popular and undefended “soft targets.”

    Who are they? The answer to that question remained in dispute Thursday as security officials and experts attempted to untangle the few clues as to the attackers’ likely identity.

    An e-mail message to Indian media outlets that claimed responsibility for the bloody attacks in Mumbai on Wednesday night said the militants were from the Deccan Mujahedeen. Almost universally, experts and intelligence officials said that name was unknown.
  12. Guest4854
    fake pakistani involvement in this attack is being made from indian media. why someone coming from pakistan will bring some pakistani documents with them, as indian media claims that they found some pakistani documents from boat.
  13. Guest1472
    Who are they? The answer to that question remained in dispute Thursday as security officials and experts attempted to untangle the few clues as to the attackers’ likely identity.

    An e-mail message to Indian media outlets that claimed responsibility for the bloody attacks in Mumbai on Wednesday night said the militants were from the Deccan Mujahedeen. Almost universally, experts and intelligence officials said that name was unknown.
  14. Guest5984
    police is feeling the pressure of time as the night fall is coming closer. terrorist might escape during the dark and that would be a problem.  the current batch of hostages released were young indian between the ages of 20-30 except one foreigner.
  15. Guest6696
    so strange, there is no demand yet been announced from the terrorists inside taj hotel.
  16. Guest4259
    Terrorists are well prepared to last two to three days, beside the weapon they have dry food and water with them. Which suggests they came prepared to last for a long while. Its amazing how they were able to take so much of weapons into all these places without being noticed; until they opened fire.  

    Few seconds ago there was a hand Grande was fired by terrorist at oberoi.
  17. Guest8232
    mms from the hostage sent to the news showing the interior of the hotel.  not only they are keeping up the fight, they also have the time to send mms.  mms from hostage within the taj hotel showing the long lobbies and corridors.
  18. Guest7494
    Could this be distraction, while the authorities are busy with the current situation something much bigger is taking place.
  19. Guest4961
    Human suffering of people in the hospital and blood donation calls is being made. Over 300 people are injured and have been taken to the hospitals. These injured are in physical and mental pain; physical wounds may heal in time but the mental terror is going to last a very long time.  where is this world coming to?  Who is safe? What can be done to make sure we as a world stand united towards finding solutions that will not just sweep the issues under the bed but find sustainable solutions.
  20. Guest3052
    NSG says two more terrorist have been hit. the police aslo believes the local underworld connection must be there.
  21. Guest4949
    In other developments:

    A stand-off continues at a Jewish centre, where an Israeli rabbi and his family are believed to have been taken hostage, and one militant reportedly phoned local TV offering to negotiate over the release of hostages

    The Indian navy said it was searching ships off the west coast following reports that gunmen had arrived in Mumbai by boat

    The German foreign ministry said one of its nationals had died in the attacks; a Japanese and an Italian are also among the dead
  22. Guest271
    the attack is still on, this is the longest standing siege and its taking longer than nsg was prepared for. nariman house is still in terrors control but all guests have been freed. 125 people killed so far and 327 wounded. nsg says the operation may be over by 2pm.
  23. Guest6196
    bystander outside of taj hotel hit by a bullet from within the hotel. NSG is still engaged in gun battle, this is now the longest standing stand off in mumbai.

    The Indian prime minister's spokesman confirms that the head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directorate, Lt Gen Ahmed Shujaa Pasha, has agreed to visit India to assist in the investigation into the Mumbai attacks
  24. Guest1659
    wow this thing is still going. when will it end?
  25. Guest4158
    it finally ends, now the blame game begins
  26. Guest3188
    So strange that indian and israeli commondos do have gases which make people senseless...they directly shot to all Attackers...
  27. Guest2916
    US Secy of State Condoleezza Rice says Pakistan has been told to bring to justice those involved in terror attacks and to see that such attacks don't happen again. Pak must act fast, cooperate with India says Rice.
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